Troopers love the FEBC! And they love to speak out!

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Trooper Bust

"Everything about me is different now! My outlook on mind, body and fitness is the biggest change. I always thought it was about losing weight. It's so much more."

"Everything about me is different now! My outlook on mind, body and fitness is the biggest change. I always thought it was about losing weight. It's so much more. It's about being consistent in everything you do, food, attitude, fitness, goals, etc. I never believed I could wake up at 4:30 to go work out. I never thought I'd actually like working out as much as I do. If you had told me a year ago I'd be doing 100 push-ups, I wouldn't have believed it. It has now been 1 year and I can't believe it. It has changed my life for the better. Boot camp is fun and different and never boring. I love that everyday is a different work out. The instructors are wonderful and motivating!

I had doubts at first about working out outdoors. Today, a year later, I can't even imagine working out at a gym (how boring). I can't think of anything better than looking up at the stars as I do my final sit up or watching the sun rise as I run thru the grass. It's great! Fitness Edge Boot camp is so much more than getting in shape, it will change your life for the better-how can it not? When you feel good about yourself, EVERYTHING is better!"

Trooper Carmona

"Now in my '50s, I can run 3 miles without stopping, do 150 pushups and all other upper body exercises."

"My biggest improvement is that my heart is stronger. As a heart patient born with a congenital defect, I cold not participate in sports teams until I was 15. Now in my '50s, I can run 3 miles without stopping, do 150 pushups and all other upper body exercises. My cardiologist is envious!

Following a car accident (2000) I had a serious concussion which took away my ability to multi-task. At Boot Camp I am correcting weaknesses in my physical body and I've regained my mental focus for any specific activity. I no longer get irritable when someone interrupts me. Even my 73 year-old parents have noticed the difference. I sleep through the night and am full of energy

. Fitness Edge Boot Camp is a challenging exercise program that forces you to be realistic about what you eat, what you think about and how you will look in the future. The Boot Camp Pledge of Allegiance is particularly pointed: '...that I will not become a statistic of clogged arteries and obesity.'"

Troopers Chaney and Chaney

"We now have healthier, happier and more active lives."

"'FIRED UP, MOTIVATED!' That's the motto we chant everyday upon finishing a session of Fitness Edge Boot Camp. And let me tell you, over this last year with Cheryl Broughton and her trainers, it has been all that and more! But first let me start at the beginning. As a married couple of 15 years, 3 children and plenty of good meals, we packed on a few extra pounds. We constantly spoke of eating healthier, losing weight, getting back in shape and ultimately doing nothing.

We eventually hit a breaking point. It was Thanksgiving 2008 and we were on a camping trip with friends and family in Yosemite. We decided to go on a pretty strenuous hike up to Emerald Pool above Vernal Falls. Renee and I had to stop and catch our breath at least 30 times and our heart rates were through the roof. We were being passed by everyone from the elderly to the smallest child. By the time we reached our destination, the group we were hiking with had already eaten their lunch, taken pictures and ready to head back down the trail. We were absolutely humiliated by the fact that we let ourselves get so out of shape. This was the moment Renee and I made a pact to change our lives for the better.After some investigating we decided to join Fitness Edge Boot Camp in May 2009.

At first it was extremely difficult and we both felt like quitting. But with the help and support from the trainers and fellow "Boot Campers," Renee and I stuck with it. Flash forward one year and we are now in the best shape of our lives. Renee can now run 5 miles without walking, has competed in several 5Ks and has lost over 15lbs. I am getting ready for my first half marathon, competed in a couple of triathlons and have lost an additional 28 lbs. We now have healthier, happier and more active lives. We can't thank Cheryl and her FEBC program enough. We're 'FIRED UP!'"

Trooper Downing

"The goal setting and accountability tools are very powerful"

"I started boot camp in August, 2005. I wanted to try something different & needed to train for the Santa Clarita Valley Marathon. Since then, I have run two marathons (took 23 minutes off my time), 1 half-marathon, 6 Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Runs (placed 1st or 2nd each time), & three SEB Castaic Mud Runs. The goal setting and accountability tools are very powerful.

Three years later, I'm still doing boot camp and loving it. It's not just the workouts that are awesome but also the friendly atmosphere. I have met so many great and inspirational people through boot camp. We train together & motivate each other through the hurdles of our workouts and life. Many thanks to Cheryl and all the instructors!"

Trooper Gagnon

"Little did I know that when I signed up for FEBC I was embarking on a major change in my life!"

"After having my second son in 2008, I had a desire to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. One evening I went online and started researching local "bootcamps". Fitness Edge Bootcamp was the first one that I happened to look at. I was hooked instantly. I knew this was the camp I needed to go to. Little did I know that when I signed up I was embarking on a major change in my life.

Not only have I accomplished major fitness goals of mine, like getting that pre-pregnancy shape back, toning areas that I never thought would be toned again and gaining back the strength and energy that I once had. I also found that I was good at things I never credited myself for in the past. For example, I never knew I could run Towsley Canyon 6 mile loop in 50 minutes!! I never thought I would complete a 6 mile Mud-Run...and bring home a second place medal! I never imagined I would have the inspiration to start training for the 2010 Santa Clarita Marathon! But most of all when I signed up 8 months ago, did I imagine that I would be making some of the best friends of my life. There is nothing like waking up every morning and meeting your best friends to do something great for your body and mind! I am SO thankful I chose Fitness Edge Bootcamp-it's where I belong. "

Trooper Gillies

"I'm having fun buying clothes I never thought I would get into again"

"I really do want to thank you for helping me to get in shape. I feel so much better.... I think I look so much better. And, I'm having fun buying clothes I never thought I would get into again (a little too much fun my wallet says). I have so much more energy, feel stronger and have more confidence than I ever imagined I would have in my later years!.... And I do see my body changing... as well as a new and improved attitude and ability to meet new challenges. I've lost 22 pounds and 32.5 inches! Wow! It really is a good feeling. Hoo-yah! So, thank you again! It is a good thing that you do with the Fitness Edge Boot Camp. There are people jogging, and exercising all over SCV because of your commitment and what you do!" "

Trooper Goodwin

"I feel more confident that I can do things I never thought I could."

"This may sound silly but the most important change is that I now can sleep. Prior to Fitness Edge Boot Camp I was suffering from "peri-menopause insomnia" where I could only get a couple hours of sleep at night, none of which was restful. Also, along with a precious good night sleep, I've found other peri-menopause symptoms such as sudden mood swings, leg cramps and unexplained anxiousness have almost vanished. Exercise used to be a scary thing for me and that's why I really appreciate that Boot Camp instructors are constantly showing us how to do each exercise correctly to avoid injury. I also feel more confident that I can do things I never thought I could, e.g., a pushup!

I would like to add that, I really appreciate the support and encouragement I receive from everyone on the workouts when the Recruits are intermixed with "old timers". Most social circles treat newcomers as interlopers but this is not so at Boot Camp. It's so nice to hear someone tell you that they struggled in the beginning and things will get easier. I have never heard a discouraging word even when I miss a basket or kick the ball in the wrong direction. Fitness Edge Boot Camp is a life preserver in a sea of weight loss and exercise infomercials, misleading print ads, fast talking gym employees and other various 'snake oil' salespeople!"

Trooper Hong

"Stepped out of my comfort zone...and flourished!"

"In July 2009, I finally decided it was time to lose some weight and joined Fitness Edge Boot Camp. I had no idea what to expect and initially, I had only wanted to lose weight. Well, I did lose weight but what I did not expect was what I gained...confidence, strength, endurance, knowledge, a can-do attitude, and a mindset to always reach beyond every goal imaginable! As I think back to my first week at FEBC - I could barely run 1/8th of a mile without huffing and puffing! Although each day was hard and challenging, I never gave up. In fact, during my first few weeks, the instructors worked with me daily on my running and encouraged me to just start with running for 20 steps then walking for 20 steps. Then, in no time it seemed - I had built up the strength and stamina to run an entire mile without stopping and without feeling like I was going to pass out!I was loving FEBC so much, I enlisted for a year.

And wow, the year of 2010 was an amazing year for me! I stepped out of my comfort zone and completed many new adventures I never thought possible! I completed the infamous Six-mile Castaic Mud run, an 11-mile hike to Mt. Pinos, a local 5K, and training and completing a HALF MARATHON! And I owe all of these to Fitness Edge Boot Camp! I realize now that I have come so far physically... and mentally! FEBC has given me so many great memories, from the challenging workouts, wonderful instructors, camaraderie, friendship, to fun activities. I would highly recommend FEBC to anyone, whether you start with zero athleticism like me or you are an advanced, super athlete. It's a program that allows you to flourish and reach your personal best at your own pace!"

Trooper Koop

"Without the strong, firm, disciplined, exercises you have put me through, I would not be where I am today."

"When I first came to boot camp, I was 80 lbs. overweight, had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and was on blood pressure medication. (My family has a history of high blood pressure). I had done a number of things regarding my health, like exercising, eating right, and more exercise. I would always get to a certain point, and then just stop. I would loose weight, eat right, and after 4 or 5 months of doing it, I would somehow fall off the regiment of exercise and eating, and gain all the weight back. It was up and down.

When I joined Fitness Edge, I knew that it would be a challenge, but I didn't know if it would be the challenge that would challenge me. What I mean by this is that I didn't know if a "female" would be able to push me hard and get the results I needed. I have been trained by some of the best trainers in athletic competition, but none of them were women. You commander, made a believer out of me.

Fitness Edge is not just a work-out program, it completely transforms you. The way you think, the way you exercise, the way you eat, the way you compete, and the way you have to push yourself DAILY to overcome all the mental hindrances. You have a way of "kicking" our behinds while explaining or educating us on why you are doing it. I have never had that before. It's like the bully at school that takes your money and then explains to you, "Look kid, I took your lunch money because I don't have any. Now if you don't want me to take your lunch money tomorrow or the next day, then don't bring any." There is an Edge to the Fitness you put us through. It reminds me of my football days, and I absolutely love it.

I am looking forward to more growth, completion of the Gauntlet Program, and an improved version of Gary Cooper. Thank you Commander. I know it gets rough at times, but the strength you have, to overcome the obstacles and hindrances you face, is not a feeling, but a CHOICE you are willing to make. Be strong and courageous!"

Trooper Mata

"I am HOOKED on Fitness Edge Boot Camp!"

"I joined the program during the summer of 2008 with one goal in mind, run 10 miles with ease. I had been trying on my own to run past my goal but could not get myself to get past 7 to 8 miles. I kept telling myself that it was long enough and always talked me into stopping. I was looking for a support group that could motivate me to move beyond my norm and push me to new challenges.

I remember the first week in the program I was asked to join a few of my peers to run the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. I wanted to fit in and accepted the invitation without knowing what the run was all about. My first endurance test in the program and it was a challenging one, nothing I would have done without the support of my team members. I felt great completing my first mud run.

I am very happy to have joined such a classy group of instructors that make every workout very challenging but enjoyable. I am very proud to say that during my first year in the program I completed two Mud Runs and three Half Marathons. The level of commitment from everyone in the group kept me engaged in reaching out to higher goals. I know that if was not for my teammates, I would have never completed such difficult runs.

I always wanted to run a Marathon but saw it far out of reach due to my level of commitment to running. I kept working out with my night group and found the inspiration from others that accomplish the task the year prior. I kept asking myself how crazy they must have been to try such a task when they look like such average individuals. I found myself working out harder and with more discipline. I attended every cardio work out available and every run the instructors coordinated. I finally made the commitment to enroll in a marathon. In January of 2009 I completed my first full Marathon and it felt great. I had a lot of help from my Fitness Edge group and without their help I would have never had the courage to try such a milestone.

In summary, I am in debt to Fitness Edge Boot Camp for giving me my body back. I find myself needing to go for a jog when I don't go to boot camp. I take my running shoes when I go out of town to make sure I get a few miles in no matter where I am at. I am working on my eating habits with much more consistency. I look forward to boot camp every day; I am hooked on FITNESS EDGE BOOT CAMP."

Trooper Mecking

"I am a person with more energy, better outlook on life and in the best shape ever."

"If I had to choose an event that made a lasting impression on me at Fitness Edge Boot Camp, it would be the first time I ran the 'Motivation Mile.' The Commander briefed us on how important is to challenge ourselves and make improvements over time. "The Motivation Mile, she said, will test your willpower and will gauge your personal progress in this new phase of your life. You are here because you accepted the challenge and you want to change!

For me, the Motivation Mile became my mirror where I periodically take a look at myself and strived to be and to see a better person. Only one mile, running, jogging, or walking, but it trumpets your personal commitment to improve yourself mentally and physically. So, as I faced that first Mile ahead of me, the words of Julius Cesar came to mind, before plunging with his soldiers into the River Rubicon: 'Alea jacta est' (the die is set....the point of no return)!

I was just about to measure myself against a potentially very powerful enemy: me, that is! The encouragement from the Commander, instructors and fellow Troopers made me stay in the game and improve myself, one step at the time. I like what I see in the mirror these days, and friends and family like it too. I am a person with more energy, better outlook on life and in the best shape ever. I still feel elated every time the Commander calls for the Motivation Mile. It is time again, to prove myself that I can always do better."

Trooper Morner

"I have changed so much for the better now. I have gotten stronger, thinner and much more able to handle everything in my life with the help of all the people involved in FEBC."

"I can't believe it has been so many years!! It was August, 2003 that I joined the Fitness Edge Boot Camp. It has been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. I was always a shy, quiet person and I was over weight and depressed. I was invited to Guest Day by two friends who were already Troopers in the program. It was hard for me, but fun! But, I kept putting off making any changes in my life. A few months later I went to Guest Day again. It was so positive and fun. I decided it was time to feel better about ME. I have changed so much for the better now. I have gotten stronger, thinner and much more able to handle everything in my life with the help of all the people involved in FEBC. I have been a diabetic since the age of 12. After joining FEBC my doctors are all thrilled with how healthy I am. I have learned to make healthier food choices, exercise and have a great outlook on life. I show no signs of typical problems that diabetics have and I am now 54 years old! I feel fantastic! Thank you Cheryl Broughton, your instructors and all the Troopers at FEBC!"

Trooper Steele

"It was as if all the animals for the circus escaped & were now gathering in Central Park @ 5:30am!"

"Boot Camp came to me as a total surprise. As a professional sound editor my work life is seasonal, and like those who trumpet their resolutions in the energy of New Year's approach promise, this summer I rallied my "do or die" determination to finally become healthy, active, and proud of the way I look (Notice I did not say "return to"... but "finally become". Even as a child, teen, and young adult, I was cut from the "athletically challenged" cloth). Although, this rain dance, which I have be doing for the better have of 30 years has always failed in the shadow of life's other little emergencies, this year struck a different tone in my life. There was a looming finality in it's grasp, a desperate sense of "running out of time". You see, my father was diagnosed with cancer at 58 years of age, and this year was my 48th summer on earth. I have no clue why "10 remaining years" had such power over me, but with summer once again coming to a close, I began to buckle under the overwhelmed grief of accepting that I was going to die, having never given myself the jewel of a strong and vital body. I don't know why it always happens that gifts from heaven find me in my most desperate hour, but this was no exception. Work was beginning to pile up, and on that faithful day, I had gone to lunch with a group of co-workers, and one of them, a vibrant young female, landed the perfect slap in the face by joking about me being the "pregnant one" of the group. Back at work, with "pregnant one" still resonating in my head, I open my email expecting nothing but usual toil of filtering through a sea of spam. By sheer luck and out of self deprecating depression, I choose to examine my junk mail for signs of life, only to find a bizarre letter from Fitness Edge Boot Camp announcing me as their grand prize winner (bizarre in that it was un-solicited - Later I come to find out my wife clandestinely entered me into the sweepstakes). Unlike normal spam, one phrase caught my eye, "I would call you, but you only left your email". This one phase has changed my life.

It was a perfect storm of emotions. That night I Google'd, and youtube'd everything "Fitness Edge Boot Camp" that I could find. As much as I am natural skeptic, the one driving force that kept me in the game was that I needed this to be the "real deal". Finally at 2 AM I decided that there was nothing to indicate that I was buying into a time share on the Brooklyn bridge, so I put on my war mask, and with the determination of Hercules, I decided to GO FOR IT!

Truly the hardest part was learning what time I had to go to sleep in order to be out at Saugus central park by 5:30 AM. I was under no illusions about how out of shape I was. I told Commander Broughton at my screening that it was likely that I would over exert myself in the first few days (as I had done so many times in a Gym before) but this time I was not going to give up. I tried so hard too!! but being in the cold fresh morning air was so invigorating I lost it half way in. What I didn't expect was that one of the instructors, Mecking, a man whom I now look up to, would stay with me while I recovered each time, telling me how he started out in the same boat and giving me sage advice on how to make the transition and begin pacing myself.

All the determination in the world could not have prepared me for the journey I was about to take. Within the course of 10 short weeks, I when from a 196 pound gut flapping goon, to a weight that I had not seen since high school (170). When I started, I could not jog the length of a football field without becoming winded, dizzy and nauseous. Last week, in under 3 hours, I conquered "the beast", an 11 mile hike/run up to the top of the mountain separating the 14 and 210 freeway. People at work that would hardly talk to me in the past are now actively engaging me. I can accomplish more every day because I have more energy, better focus, and an attitude laced with endorphins. I've been doing things I've never done before like the Castaic mud run. The people who I've met through this camp are the most balanced and kind hearted individuals I've ever known and I've have watch them ALL transform before my eyes.

Fitness Edge Boot Camp has helped me elevate my "Will to Live" to that of a "Desire".

But most importantly, when my father died, I was 17 years old and I was left to become a man without the guidance of the one who meant most to me. FEBC has given me the tools to significantly out live my father and in turn pass along to my son the gift which I never got.

Thank you commander and FEBC team!!!"

Trooper Strong

"Fitness Edge Boot Camp is the best commitment I have ever made!"

"FEBC has changed me forever! I had heard of Boot Camp workouts and always wanted to try one. I was in a coffee shop one day and saw someone with a Fitness Edge Boot Camp shirt on and asked how they liked it. They said it was the best thing they ever did. I thought to myself: 'Oh, maybe I should try it,' but I never called. About a year later I saw someone else with a FEBC shirt on....(really, not just a boot camp shirt... a FEBC shirt). They also loved the workouts. And still, I...never called. By this time, I had been gaining weight steadily for about 3-4 years. I had tried everything, the gym, personal trainers, making a workout schedule I MUST follow, diets and could not stick to anything.

For some reason I always remembered the name Fitness Edge Boot Camp. Well...I finally called and signed up for one 8 week session. And now, I am committed indefinitely to Fitness Edge Boot Camp! The thing about FEBC is you get a really hard workout and the FEBC family to go with it. Everything in life is more fun and easier when you do it with friends. I have met some of the most amazing people at boot camp. Some that are encouraging, inspirational and motivating. Some that give you a kick butt workout, some that have become lifelong friends and most that are all of the above.

Since joining FEBC I have lost: self doubt, inches/weight, the urge to say 'I can't', sleepless nights (trust me you sleep great after a workout) and daily Latte' runs to Starbucks (you don't want to blow your hard work).

Things I have gained: Lifelong friends, confidence, feeling sexy and being comfortable in my own body. Knowledge about how my body works and what is best for it. Fun, muscles and the feeling of completing goal after goal.

Fitness Edge Boot Camp is the best commitment I have ever made!"

Trooper Sundling

"It was as if all the animals for the circus escaped & were now gathering in Central Park @ 5:30am!"

"Five years ago I got hit by a drunk driver while exiting my vehicle. The impact of the front bumper shattered the Tibia & Fibula bones in over 10 places. I spent the next 12 months in rehab & recovery. The doctors performed 4 surgical procedures to reconstruct and realign the segmented pieces. The type of advice and encouragement I was given was: "You'll never have full use of your left leg and possible long term pains and future back problems." These type of thoughts stick in your head, this advice is coming from Doctors - the people that you're taught to listen to and learn from.

Four years ago, I did not run, jog, snowboard, wake board, I would not even step off a curb with my left leg landing first. Now, I've been in FEBC for over a year and it`s crazy to see how much my life has changed. The confidence and strength I have gained and the goals I have achieved! I know FEBC trainers say: "we get out of it, what we put into it." Well that's not exactly true, we get out of the program what the FEBC trainers put into it!

I know what some of the other boot camps in SCV do for their students. They offer a Mon. ? Fri. fitness training. They don't organize large team relays for their students, they don't have secret missions, and they don't have free weekend runs. These events make us appreciate FEBC and all the free hours they put into it. They help us out on their own free time just for the satisfaction of seeing us finish a race, a marathon, or Gauntlet, etc.

You always hear people saying they want to get fit, lose weight and get off their meds. Without a doubt - all of that and more can be achieved at FEBC!"

Trooper Walter

"I was the proverbial 90lb weakling growing up. At 25 I weighed 135 lbs at an even 6 feet!"

"Today at 53, I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to Fitness Edge Boot Camp. I was the proverbial 90 pound weakling growing up. At age 25 I weighed 135 pounds at an even 6 feet! As I neared 30, I got tired of being passed up for promotions at work because I looked like Ichabod Crane. I started working out with weights and started packing on muscle and within 5 years I was at 175 pounds of solid muscle. I became addicted to working out with weights but hated the cardio exercise my body needed. By the time I hit my mid 40's most people were impressed by my stature, but inside I was miserable. My muscles were tight and easily injured. I was starting to stand hunched over and couldn't straighten up all the way. I was even starting to have problems sleeping at night.

Then a friend told me about FEBC. I attended a guest day and have been addicted for 3 years now. I never knew that working out could be so much fun! Every day I am challenged to push myself in a new and different way. Every day the competitive nature in me (that I didn't know I had before) comes out and I try harder than I ever knew I could. Now instead of just looking good, my muscles are toned, lengthened and quick to respond. I have more energy, more stamina, am less prone to injury than ever before. Another great benefit that I had never considered is how using the mental focus to improve my physical health has carried over to the rest of my life.

When I started FEBC my professional life mirrored my physical life. Most people were impressed by my professional accomplishments, but I was miserable at work. Because of the techniques I learned, I focused on my professional goals and today I am the owner of my own successful business - Intero Real Estate Services. Thank you FEBC!"

Trooper Hocking

"I've been incredibly impressed with the level of enthusiasm and encouragement from you, and everyone in the 'family'"

"I want you to know that I really appreciate the support you've given me. I've been incredibly impressed with the level of enthusiasm and encouragement from you, and everyone in the 'family', and I'm having a great time at Fitness Edge Boot Camp! It's very rare these days to find an organization like yours, that is doing such wonderful, positive things in peoples' lives, and I'm honored to be a participant. By the way, this morning I found I could do up my belt an extra notch....about an inch....just wanted to share! : )"

Trooper Zimmer

"FEBC makes me think about myself, understand myself better, and want to make my body fit."

"I want to thank you for inspiring me and having me on a regular fitness program. Do you know that I have never in my life been on a program for more than 4 weeks, and never a consistent one, where I could say that I exercised more than twice a week? I love your program and it makes me think about myself, understand my self better, and I want to make my body fit. You are an excellent coach and motivator. I really never thought that I would get into an effective exercise program and stick to it!"

Trooper Zimmer joined our very first camp we ever held in 2001. She loved the program so much, she re-enlisted for another two years! Due to Zimmer's new found commitment and results, her daughter joined. Then her Daughter's friend joined and they both re-enlisted! Sadly, the Zimmer family moved out of the SCV area and could no longer attend. FEBC will always remember the Zimmer's and how they took that leap of faith and joined our very first camp!