Karen Whiteley

Certifed Hypnotherapist

Karen Maleck-Whiteley has over 25 years experience supervising, coaching and consulting employees at some of the nation's largest retail and entertainment companies. She had always been interested in the power of the mind and was searching for ways to enhance her own life experience and move out of her corporate career when she learned hypnosis. Karen has been a practicing hypnotherapist since 2002 and combines the power of hypnosis with the practical communication, goals setting and project management skills she learned in her management career.

Karen provides stress management training to organizations and corporations throughout the Western United States. As a hypnotherapist and coach based in Santa Clarita, she specializes in helping women cope with work-parenting-life balance issues, fears and anxiety, changing unwanted behaviors, and dealing with pain and chronic stress and illness. She teaches meditation and techniques for creating the life you want.

Karen is the co-owner of Balance Point Spa in Canyon Country, California, which she created with her husband Brian. Open since 2005, Balance Point Spa offers facial, massage, body, sauna, and other wellness treatments and products to enhance the well-being and balance of every client. Karen and Brian also believe in giving back to the community, and raise money for many community groups through popular 'Charity and Fun Spa Nights' and through volunteering and donation.

Karen is also co-owner of WMW Group with Carol Woodliff. Karen and Carol founded WMW Group to provide seminars and products which combine the best of mind, body, spirit in a way that can be practically applied in real life. Karen says, "The women we know juggle busy lives and are searching for ways to incorporate spirit and self-care into their lives. We know how life gets, we can help!"

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