The Fitness Edge Boot Camp Instructors

Instructor Broughton

Founder of FEBC, CPT, NASM, AFAA, TV Host, Author, Health & Fitness Specialist

Cheryl's gift for motivating others started at the tender age of 13 years old, she was hired as a cheerleading coach to turn around a failing competition squad. At 16, she landed her first professional speaking engagement. During this time, Cheryl also jumped into modeling, entered pageants, became a modeling teacher, a pageant coach and judge.

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Instructor Downing


"I have been a fitness junkie since 2000. It was a major lifestyle change for me involving nutrition, exercise, & vitamins. Prior to boot camp I practiced traditional Japanese Shotokan karate for 4 years in which I did some instructing in cardio kickboxing. Sparring was my favorite. My Sensei referred to me as 'killer.'"

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Instructor Eastham


Instructor Eastham has been an athlete all of his life. He ran track and played football in high school. He was an All-American at LA Valley College and received a scholarship to Youngstown State University where he was a division 1 AA player. He also represented Youngstown in the National Championships.

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Instructor Gheen


"My older son was born with Special Needs. After having to quit my job outside the home to care for him, countless time at the Hospital with him, 2 years of surgeries for him and another pregnancy; I was overweight, tired, unhealthy, depressed and in desperate need of something that was "just mine," yet didn't take anything away from my family."

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Instructor Koop


Gary Cooper, known by his friends as Koop, has competed on some major levels as an athlete. He played college football, as well as train for the Olympics. Koop has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Physical Education and has completed his certifications for Personal Training.

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Instructor Minniss


"Prior to joining Fitness Edge Boot Camp I reached a point in my life I needed major changes, not only physically but also mentally. I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was self-conscious about my weight and was uncomfortable with the way I looked in clothes wearing only dresses to hide my body."

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