The Fitness Edge Boot Camp Health Squad

FEBC is committed to not only the "fitness" part of Boot Camp, but the "health" part as well. In a big way. Meet our dedicated, very qualified team of specialists who assist in helping you gain a full rounded, healthy workout.

Dr. Chace Unruh

D.C., I.D.E.

Dr. Chace R. Unruh is a licensed chiropractic physician and a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California and a member of the California Chiropractic Association and AASP, and has a passion for providing the most comprehensive healthcare available.

Meet Dr. Unruh

Brian Whiteley

Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor

Brian Whiteley is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a graduate of Touch Therapy Institute in Encino, California. His private practice focuses on providing massage that assists the healing process. He specializes in deep tissue, sports, and therapeutic massage, and incorporates energy work.

Meet Brian

Bernard Kash

Master Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist | Owner, Earth Wise Nutrition Centers

Bernard Kash has spent over 15 years in the natural wellness industry and has counseled thousands of clients across the United States as well as internationally. Doctors of all professions from Orthopedic Surgeons to Toxicologists have sent their patients to him for his expert advice on natural alternatives to modern medicines.

Meet Bernard

Karen Whiteley


Karen Maleck-Whiteley has over 25 years experience supervising, coaching and consulting employees at some of the nation's largest retail and entertainment companies. She had always been interested in the power of the mind and was searching for ways to enhance her own life experience and move out of her corporate career when she learned hypnosis.

Meet Karen

Jordana Capra

Recruit Mentor, PR Director

"I started dancing in Brooklyn, New York, at the tender age of 3 studying tap and ballet as so many little girls do. My mother did a lot of Off-Broadway, so little Jordana grew up back-stage of many theaters. All through school and college I studied acting, dance and voice, and I currently earn my living as an actor and acting coach."

Meet Jordana

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