About Fitness Edge Boot Camp

Our History

Fitness Edge Boot Camp is SCV's first, original and longest running fitness boot camp. The name and concept was established by Cheryl Broughton in 2000. Cheryl and the cast members of her televised fitness show promoted the camp for an entire year before it started. Being that the concept of an outdoor civilian boot camp was brand new - Cheryl wanted to be sure that there was a demand for this idea before she lined up the first camp. And what did she find? That people were extremely eager for something new and exciting that would light the fire under their sneakers! In fact, Cheryl's camp made headlines in all the local papers. (Visit our MEDIA page to see the many publications FEBC has been featured in over the years.)

So where did she get her ideas to create the camp? It's all Cheryl all original all ideas and concepts pulled from her many years as a coach, a choreographer, a dancer and motivational speaker, author, TV Show host, director and producer. In fact, Cheryl's first coaching job was at 13 and first speaking engagement at 16 years old. She coached professionally for 7 years and danced for 15 years straight.

The Fitness Edge Boot Camp from day one has always been about the mental aspects of fitness. Cheryl learned at a very young age herself about the power of the subconscious mind and how "Anything is possible when you get out of your way." In fact, this quote became her tag line and motto.